Do you suffer from extremely dry skin?

WIBI Lotion might be just what your skin needs!

My Dry Skin Story

I was born with extremely dry skin. Dry, itchy, flaky, did I say dry? Extremely dry skin. In elementary school the girls wouldn’t dance with me because my skin “was like a lizard”. My skin flakes off layers continually. It may look like I have dandruff but it’s my dry skin.

That all changed when I discovered WIBI® lotion from my dermatologist in the 70’s. My life was changed and my skin appeared normal. I bought WIBI by the case. Nothing ever came close to duplicating the results I received from WIBI.

Imagine my reaction to learning the one item that let me lead a semi-normal life was deemed irrelevant by a mega-corporation. I immediately researched for a replacement and ordered up numerous products that seemed somewhat similar in concept.

But they didn’t work the same.

Introducing WIBI® 2.0

In 2019, I decided to try making a batch based on the manufacturers listed ingredients. My first batch work pretty good but was very thick. I put it in a glass jar and forgot about it and continued using a “replacement” product I had found. My skin was still having a hard time and in the Spring of 2021 I pulled out the glass jar and gave it a go. My skin is pliable, normal looking healthy skin again.

I’m selfishly manufacturing this to keep WIBI lotion for myself. I’m making extra because I know I can’t be the only one that depends on this product.

If you order a bottle and decide it isn’t for you just let me know and we can do a return. No hard feelings. I’ll even pay the return shipping. I’m sure this isn’t going to be the answer for everyone but if you liked the old WIBI I’m pretty sure you’ll like v2.0.

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