WIBI was first recommended to me by my dermatologist in the 1970’s as a facial moisturizer. I lived in West Texas and need a moisturizer for my dry skin that would not break it out. I continued to use WIBI nightly until a few years ago when I could no longer get it. I am nearly 80 years old and have very few wrinkles. I have continued to search for it online and was so surprised to find your new version. Thank you.

Vicki K.

No exaggeration! This guy has nailed it. Wibi Lotion v2.0 replicates the original to a “T”. When one has been plagued all your life with extremely dry skin, the lotion (none other) is a life-saver! My story duplicates Ted’s. Pharmaceuticals blew it when they stopped Wibi production. This v2.0 is highly recommended. From my searching, there’s many many people out there (like me) who have been going through withdrawals from not having Wibi. I will support your efforts in v2.0 production forever.

Linda R.

Hey Ted

I applaud you for helping the people of the USA! I had bad acne in my teenage years. I ended up taking Accutane for it. My dermatologist recommended I use Wibi lotion on my face 45 years ago! Wibi has been in my daily life since. I’m down to a half bottle of the original Wibi… I use it very sparingly after every shower. Now, you have recreated this amazing product!! I want to thank you VERY much! I hope your product and business reach super success!

Jeff B.

Hi ~ Tonight I discovered Wibi Lotion 2.0 here on eBay. I ordered it and am looking forward to see how you’ve done re-creating the lotion. I, like you, was BORN with extremely dry skin. My Mom used to lather me in Nivea cream from head to toe. My breakthrough was in the 70’s when a friend from CA suggested Wibi Lotion. She said that pharmacists used Wibi Lotion in their prescriptions. That did it for me. Yes, what a lifesaver. I was devastated when Wibi was no longer available. Like you, I bought several bottles at a time, but am down to my last one now. For your sake, as well as for mine, I hope you’re “on” to something here. Thank you very much.

Linda S.

Hello Ted:

I received the Wibi Lotion that you created, and it seems VERY similar to the original, except for the thickness and texture. I remembered that you mentioned that your creation was thicker/heavier, and that you were going to thin it out a little more on your next batch. If I remember correctly, you mentioned that you added more glycerin to the original Wibi lotion formula? Yes, I agree that it should be a bit thinned out somewhat, because it almost feels Vaseline -like when you apply it to your skin. However, after it dries, it seems to be the same as the old formula though. Can you tell me how you plan to thin it out; as I may want to do that to this batch?
I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you created this lotion that I love and have used for SO many years prior to the discontinuance of it! I am sure that you will be able to sell your creation to others who relied on this special formulated lotion for years as you and I have! I know that I WILL be purchasing more from you in the future!!

You ROCK! :-) Thanks again!

Dep H.

I just received the Wibi v2.0 – smells like Wibi, looks like Wibi…. seems to be just like the Wibi I have used for over 40 years! I use Wibi on my face only. It was suggested over 40 years ago by a Dermatologist who was helping to restore my face to normal after a horrific case of Poison Oak. After treating my face with internal medication, it needed moisturizer…he suggested Wibi…which I have used ever since. I was devastated when it was no longer available and wondered who was stock piling all the Wibi. I never found out but I was forced to pay the ridiculous price asked for some of the left over original Wibi on eBay. I give you a lot of credit for taking on the task of making your own Wibi and even more credit for offering 1 per person and at a fair price. Kudos to you! Thank you for being so committed.

I wish you great success!

Linda C.
I should say my miracle worker. Your story is so much like mine. I knew there had to be someone
Else out there who needed this lotion as much as I do. I was devastated when I found I could no
Longer buy Wibi. My dermatologist prescribed it to me in the seventies. I have used it since that
Time and have found no other like it…till now.
My vanity is lined with all kinds of lotions that only stay on the surface and does not take away
The feeling of the stiffness of my skin, that is like dried mud on one’s body. This feeling has an
Effect not only on you physically, but mentally, as well.
The last two years I have been searching for a substitute, but to no avail. I found that corn
Huskers hand lotion has some of the effect, but not quite what Wibi. One also, has to put that
On wet skin or it is very uncomfortable and sticky. I thought maybe an outlet somewhere might
Have purchased the company’s left-over inventory and maybe I could find it on the web.
My daughter in law had a bottle that I had given her about three years ago that she had not used,
As her skin was not dry, like mine. So that bottle carried me for awhile, using it very scarcely, but
Now, after finding your ad on ebay, I feel so grateful to have found your Wibi.
I had prayed that I would find some and lo and behold there was your product. I was so excited
To receive it, I immediately wet my hands down and put some on. Wow, what a feeling for my
old, dried hands. I have since used it after showering and I am so happy that I now do not feel
Like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.
I will update my dermatologist on Wibi, as she had never heard about it, and prescribed all the
Lotions I have on my vanity, which do nothing…
So, I hope and pray you can keep your company going and keep me supplied in the future.
Thank you so much for your persistence in making this lotion.
Evelyn B.

I’ve been suffering since the ceasing of production of the original Wibi.  My skin is over the top dry and no other lotion came close to the benefits of wibi for me.  Thank goodness I found and ordered your wibi v2.0.  Your wibi v2.0 made me feel new again! The first time I put your product on my skin, it was like my skin itself exclaimed alleluia!  Please please keep making it and selling it.  Thank you!


Wibi v2.0 is so close to the real thing, real-life users can’t tell the difference.
Email owner, Ted, to get your bottle today at [email protected].